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Catamaran Cruise to Ilot Aux Benitiers

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Full Day Catamaran Cruise to Ilot Aux Benitiers

Discover the dolphins of Tamarin bay in this catamaran cruise to ile aux Benitiers. Enjoy snorkeling & stay on Benitiers Island for BBQ lunch & live local music and relax on its beautiful beaches…

  • Pick up & Drop-off:Available from any accommodation in Mauritius.
  • Tour Duration:Approx 7 hours
  • Tour Availability:Daily from 9.00am – 3.30pm
  • Embarkation Point: Morne Anglers Club, Black River
  • Pick up time:Between 7.00 – 08.30 am at your hotel (To be confirmed)
  • Drop-off time:00 – 5.00 pm back to hotel/accommodation
  • Baby Car Seat:On request (1st car seat is free of charge)

HOW TO PAY: Advance payment required via Paypal. Please book before 3pm (local time) if you want to cruise on the next day.

*You can now pay with any credit card on Paypal even if you do not have a Paypal account.




The Catamaran departs from the Morne Anglers Club at 09.15am from where we proceed toward Tamarin Bay, looking for dolphins. We then take a leisurely sail in direction of the “Crystal Rock” and stop on the way for some snorkelling and swimming next to the coral reef. Once you arrive at the Crystal Rock you may have another swim while the crew will prepare a delicious BBQ. After lunch you will be able to discover Ilot Benitier (approx. 40 minutes). There is a Tender boat at your disposal to take you on the island. We sail back to Black River, where we arrive at approximately 3.30pm. The beauty and tranquillity of the west coast is not to be missed.


It’s time for a sunny getaway on the West Coast. The light ocean breeze forebodes a stunning day on the catamaran cruise to Ile Aux Benitiers with the most welcoming crew.

Lightly step on board the catamaran. Inland, look up at the Black River mountain range and the mythical Morne Mountain, named as part of World Heritage by UNESCO. As the catamaran leaves the bay, the scenery unfolds in all hues of green and blue, from the crystal clear lagoon to the great depths of the open ocean. Rest assured: The crew will only sail easily along the reef.

Our first stop: Tamarin Bay. Keep an eye out for pods of spinner or bottlenose dolphins that stay in our western coastline waters. If you are lucky, they might be in sight, just for you to admire these beloved mammals’ acrobatics that could be the highlight of your tropical holiday.

The boat then heads to Black River, all sails hoisted. In the lagoon, a patch reef about two metres deep, harbours colourful fishes and small crustaceans. Get into your snorkelling gear and chase after butterfly fish or tease passing trumpet fish while admiring the coral outcrops spread on the white sand. Taste the saltiness of the water as you swim under the vigilant and trained eye of the crew, ready to intervene should anyone need any help.

Since nothing gets an appetite going like a swim in the sea, the crew gets to lunch preparation. As you climb back on board, the delicious smell of local cuisine will make your mouth water. Feast on grilled fish and chicken with various salads, as well as bananas flambéed in rum for dessert, depending on the season.


The boat is then steered towards the infamous Bénitiers Rock, which stands over the turquoise lagoon. As the boat anchors as close as possible, depending on the tide, be sure to snap a picture next to this mysterious outcrop that features endlessly on Mauritian postcards. The aqua water laps gently on the boat and the world is all blue and green as far as the eye can see, except for the Bénitiers Island, laden with coconut trees.

Hop onto a fisherman’s boat, which will ferry you to the island’s sandy beaches, where you can laze around in the sun or start an exploration on foot. A few hawkers scattered around the beach, sell straw hats, jewellery made out of seashells, sarongs and other souvenirs. While the island may attract a crowd during peak season, you can hope to find an almost desert beach on a quiet day.

Of course, you can also choose to stay on the catamaran and jump off the deck into the best swimming pool in the world: the Indian ocean! Warm, crystal clear and calm; you might even catch yourself making plans to stay indefinitely…

In the late afternoon, the wind will pick up in the boat’s sails, gliding you back to shore while the sun starts its descent. Enjoy the last of the wonderful atmosphere with a final drink and an inside joke or two with the other passengers on board.

This cruise is as the coast’s reputation itself: laid back, sunny and wonderful.

A little information about Dolphins in Mauritius

Dolphins are perhaps the most fantastic of all the creatures that live in the ocean. The dolphins, cheerful and playful are symbol of intelligence and grace.

In Mauritius, the dolphins live in pods of about 20 individuals or more and can be observed swimming from Tamarin Bay (on the west coast of Mauritius), on their way to the deep sea off the coast of the Le Morne peninsula.

The most common dolphins in Mauritius are the Bottlenose Dolphin and the Spinner Dolphin.

The Bottlenose Dolphin and the Spinner Dolphin have chosen the West Coast of Mauritius their place for rest and sleep before heading for the deep sea for their fishing.

The Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the most common and well-known dolphins. Bottlenose Dolphins are grey in color and measure between 2 to 4 meters (6.6 and 13 ft) long, and weigh between 150 and 650 kilograms (330 and 1,400 lb). Bottlenose Dolphins live in groups called pods that typically number about 15 dolphins, but group size varies from solitary bottlenose dolphin up to groups of over 100 or even occasionally over 1000 dolphins. Their diet consists mainly of small fish.

The Spinner Dolphin is dark grey, with darker patches in the tail stock, back and throat. Usually it has creamy-white patch on the belly though this varies considerably. The beak is distinctively long and thin, with a dark tip. The fins too are lengthy for dolphins of this size. Adults vary in size from 120 cm to 235 cm and weight from 23 kg to 78 kg. Individuals reach maturity at 4-7 years (females) and 7-10 years (males). The Spinner Dolphins congregate in groups that vary from just a few dolphins to great schools numbering thousands.



Catamaran Cruise to Ilot Aux Benitiers


Cost: From €55

Duration: 8 hours

Tour Type: Daily Tour

Group Size: Unlimited

Languages: English, Francais

8 Hours

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